Thursday, August 30, 2012

Show Me Those Baby Blues!!!

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Today I spent a little time with a little man who is about to become a big brother!! This is one sweet boy with one amazing set of blue eyes!! Those are all his folks!! Some may wonder if I retouch eyes....well...yes and no....I never change color, ever...but I will add contrast and sharpness to lashes and sometimes a little exposure to the whites of the eye to help the color pop or if you can see me in the pupils, which actually happens a lot, then I may darken the pupils a bit,  otherwise I leave them alone to be beautiful as God intended! And does this boy have beautiful eyes...just like his momma! This has got to be one of my favorite shoots (though I tend to say that about them all ;)  but really so many great shots outta this little guy...and it wasn't fussy,  just simple fun! Tho I will admit he kept us on our toes, and I have to giggle when I think about how he made his very pregnant momma and me run after him down the street,  it wasn't funny at the time but I'm sure that was quite a sight.  Oh my!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Miss A and her Big Sis!

Oh how I had fun with these two miss "A's!! I'm pretty sure when I left this shoot that this precious baby's momma was positive that I was leaving empty handed,  Little Miss had decided that she was just not up for a photo shoot:) But once she got in a little rest,  and I took a few min to capture her sweet big sis while she was enjoying a Popsicle and swinging in the back yard,  she gave us some great shots! And would you take a look at these two girls eyes!! Absolutely gorgeous!! I had such a hard time deciding which shots to share...I love them all!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Miss "A" is One!!

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What a precious girl!! So glad I got to capture this special day for this special family!! Miss "A" has a grin a mile wide and you just can't help but smile back at her sweet face! Every one had a splashing good time and Miss "A" did a pretty good job "diving" into her smash cake with a little help from her daddy and big brother! One scary moment when she "dove" for the lit candle...daddy had fast hands!! And I had a fast camera and just happen to catch it,  tho if I had seen where her hand was heading I would have dropped the camera:) with one eye closed looking through a view finder your view is a little limited...Happy Birthday sweet glad I got to capture it for you!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kelly's Baby Shower!


Oh what fun we had!! Such a joy to celebrate the impending arrival of her sweet baby!! Details, details, details!! Oh how I love capturing the details!! And I must say this sweet mom knows some seriously beautiful people.  And the babies...oh the babies at that shower!! We could not get enough of them!  Thanks to the help of my main man I'm gonna try something "fancy" on the post...if you click on one of the pics it will take you to a web gallery to see others.  Enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little Miss "E"

Little Miss "E" is sooo yummy!! I could just take big bites out of her!! I was so excited when I got to visit and take a few shots in her amazingly beautiful nursery.  It was the perfect backdrop!  Her Mommy can sure decorate! I love all the colors in the background of some of these shots....but a couple of the black and whites melt my heart:)