Saturday, May 25, 2013

McKinney TX Senior Shoot

Would y'all look at this gorgeous girl!! I'm not lying,  I could not take a bad picture of her! We met in Downtown McKinney for this special shoot.  I love how one location can give you so many different looks for a shoot and Downtown never fails to deliver! I had never met this lovely lady but knowing her momma, I knew she would be nothing short of fabulous! The camera loved her! And so did I! It was a little bit of a refreshing change to have someone take direction so well and to be able to take time and really make sure my camera settings were right where I wanted them to be.  A luxury for sure when the majority of your latest subjects are under 5 years old!! I had such a hard time deciding which ones to share,  I love them all!! This gallery is huge but for sure worth you time to browse through! Enjoy!!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Lovely Little Miss "L" {Downtown McKinney Child Photographer}

I met Lovely Little Miss L for a shoot to commemorate her gaining a year in age!! I just love this gorgeous girl!! I absolutely LOVE the looks she throws at the camera,  not always full on smiles,  she makes me work for those...but looks that are a photographers dream! You see, everyone can throw you a smile but to capture a look, either serious, playful, that is so full of personality,  now THAT is what we live for! Yes, I know momma wants a good smile,  I do too...but really some of my most treasured pics of my kids are photos of them with looks on their faces that I see everyday...chewing on their lip while drawing a picture, wonder in their eyes as they gaze at a butterfly or flower,  even that look of mischief that tells me there is no way I'm gonna do what you want me to! This girl pulled out all those looks for me and then some,  and let me tell you she is stunning whatever look, smile, expression she lets me capture! Her skin, her eyes,  OH her EYES!,  and her hair just make up a combination that makes an incredible picture! We had so much fun walking around downtown McKinney and Chestnut square!! Enjoy! 

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Lovely Ladies!

Just a quick peek at what I'm finishing up today! Still having fun playing around with some different editing techniques;) These sweet girls were full of energy! Kudos to their mom for her flexibility!! The plan was to shoot them in a lovely field while my little man was working hard in his OT session,  BUT I dropped him off only to realize that my CAMERA was not in my camera bag!!!  Really??? Who goes to a shoot without their camera?? Well ME apparently,  geez! I usually leave it out with in reach so I can catch the special moments that my kids have,  I just forgot the grab it in the rush to get out the door..ugh! Anyway, this momma was nice enough to run a few errands while my boy finished his therapy session and I retrieved my camera! Turns out we were able to go to an even prettier spot than originally planned and I had more time to give them so I guess all is well that ends well!! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mr Congeniality {Frisco TX, Newborn Photographer}

Oh my!! I told this precious baby's momma that I would title my blog post Mr Congeniality and I wasn't playing! This gorgeous boy gave me more smiles in this shoot than I knew what to do with!! I LOVE it!! He was so sweet and content! AND such a BIG boy!! So big that my baskets and props were almost, but not quite, too small! I was worried when I left that I didn't get much of big brother and little brother together that was usable as big brother was busy and wanted to play instead of pose,  AND I was set up to shoot in his playroom!! Goodness!! But he was super sweet and super proud of his little brother and was happy to show me that he was! In fact,  after editing these,  I am one hundred percent IN LOVE with the pics of the two of them together!! I think they may be some of my favorites ever!! Yes, I know I say that with each shoot but I mean it every time!!  Enjoy these pics from this sweet session,  I enjoyed every bit of it!!
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Click on the pic to proceed to the gallery

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Frisco TX Wildflowers!!

OH MY Goodness!! Just look at these two gorgeous kiddos!! They are sooooo yummy I could just take a big ole bite out of them!! Yes,  I'm dieting again so everything becomes delish and there will be lots of references to food, eating and sweets in my blog posts...just so you know ;) Any way,  these lovely little ones met me in a most beautiful wildflower field to take some some sweet pics of this precious growing girl, and of course big brother needed to get in on the action!  However once he got there there were much more fun things to do besides posing for the camera.  Kudos to my number one assistant (my sweet girl) who sat down with him and taught him the 5 little monkeys swinging in the tree song...he got the biggest giggle when the alligator SNAPPED the monkey outta that tree! And of course I was there to capture those grins! Little miss was easier to get a smile out of..I just LOVE my new, OLD enamel bowl...dont you?? I used it for a new born shoot too and loved it then too!! Hope you enjoy these as much I enjoyed taking them!