Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sweet Mr "E"

So, Honestly,  I really haven't been holding this little guys session hostage from his momma...for real,  I havent!! I've just been using his pictures to walk myself through a few,  ok maybe a hundred photo shop tutorials! Oh how fun to learn something new!  The final product is not necessarily a photo shop product,  but I sure did have fun playing.  I'm gonna have to play A LOT more in order to use it trusty Lightroom is still my BFF....but it's nice to know some new skills! Here is a sweet tidbit from the rest of the session... you all should know how much I like baby parts!!! Check out these sweet parts....those lashes are to die for!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mr "A" is 2!!

What a fun party for Mr "A".  It was a beautiful day at a beautiful park and the kids really had a great time!! This boy is sooooo cute!! I love his big brown eyes!! As yall know...I'm a big sucker for big brown eyes!! And this little guy has some of the best ever!! I loved watching these boys get after that Pinata!! Such fun!! Happy Birthday sweet boy!! And thanks to mom and dad for letting me "capture" this special day!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

OH Big Brother!

I headed back to Little Miss "A"s house for a visit and to see if we could persuade Big Brother to pose for some pics with his little miss sis! According to his momma he hasn't been extremely interested except to say 'Ahhhh" when he has overheard people talking about her. At her newborn session he did not want to take pics but that was more my fault than his because I arrived too close to his nap time.  Well this time we were able to get him to check her out and capture a couple of kisses for the camera!! YAY!! I think they are precious,  I hope his momma and you think so too!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mr "Congeniality"

Sooooo,  My favorite family of 6 stopped by my.....ahem.... "home studio"...*giggle*.....for a play date and a little photo shoot of my most favorite 2 year old!  That is my most favorite besides my own 2 year old,  but then my little two year old monster wont be two but for a couple of more weeks:(.  Oh how time flies....all the more reason to "capture" it!! This little man was a dream....I'm not kidding!! I told him hey "G" come sit over here and smile for the camera and guess what....HE DID!!! Really folks,  what two year old BOY do you know who will do that?? He did everything I asked of him and more!! Wondering if he might give a few pointers to my little monster,  I mean man;)  I got so many great shots of out this little man....I love them ALL!! I could not choose which to share so I just had to put up a gallery!! Be sure to click on anyone of the features pics to proceed to the web gallery to see more...I promise you wont be disappointed!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Few More of Miss "L"!

As I finished up the edits on this shoot it always surprises me how a picture that I wasn't really impressed with in the beginning and may have even considered junking will turn into one of my favs after a little playing in editing! I could not resit sharing a couple of more of this sweet girl!  She is just beautiful!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mommy's and Their Daughters....

There is just something about mommy's and daughters,  a special kind of love and hope for a bright future is born with each precious little girl. Such fun a little girl brings to her momma when there are hair bows and nail polish to play with and tea parties to plan and execute!! There is special kind of gentleness and grace in a baby girl....those breath taking moments when you see your tiny daughter be a momma to her babies and love on them like you have loved on her...unbeatable...truly nothing like it in this world! I love mommy's and daughters!!  And....I love that this precious mommy let me photograph her so soon after delivering her daughter,  she was less than a week old and her momma put aside her lack of sleep and feelings that she might not look her best,  like all new moms feel,  and let me capture these precious moments of getting to know her sweet baby girl!! Absolutely beautiful and touching.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Be still my Heart!

Just had to share a few from this shoot from Friday! I have several other shoots to finish before I can really start to work on these but wanted to pick a few to share....this Little miss was a dream to capture!! She is super laid back and a great sleeper,  she let me pose and position her for hours!! Literally! Not that there wasn't plenty of loving on her and chatting with her momma thrown in there! Im may just have to go back for more and get big brother into som pics!!  Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lovely Little Miss "L"

Little Miss "L" is GORGEOUS!! Her skin is amazing,  its like a china doll and those eyes!! Soooo beautiful! I really enjoyed this shoot,  Miss "L" made me work for it and I LOVE the challenge!! She just wasn't too sure about me and my camera,  and her Momma and I had to giggle when I gave her a big bright yummy sucker and she was thought it was just to sweet and too sticky to bother with for too long! I LOVE little girls who know their own mind! But I also love the expressions she gave me,  thoughtful,  introspective,  half smiles that just melt my heart,  These a just a few, truely a beauty and a joy to capture!

Monday, September 10, 2012

KC's Baby Shower!!

SO excited to be a part of this sweet baby shower for a sweet friend!! No matter what,  she always has a smile on her face is a joke to crack,  even when she is feeling crummy and worn down as this pregnancy has had her feeling more often than not!! She may not agree.  but just look at her...she is glowing!! Truly a beautiful pregnant woman! And soooo photogenic!! It was a joy to be there and a joy to capture the moment!! And I'm so excited to meet this little girl!! I'm slated to be her birth Photographer, I know this little girl is going to behave and arrive at a time that is convenient for the photographer unlike another one I know!! :) Just Joking, I know better than most that they come when they are ready and when they want!! I just cant wait!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Family Fun!

SO the week before school started the kiddos and I decided to do a little family visit with the cousins.  We spent part of one day at a train museum downtown and had a great time,  the cooler weather could not have come at a better time,  we sure needed a break from the scorching heat! The first shot is one of my absolute favs!! This little guy is the youngest of our crew and aside from my daughter,  who stated she was "over" having her picture taken,  he was the hardest to catch, but I caught him!!  I love seeing that sweet little man having fun:) And bubbles always qualify as fun! I even convinced my oldest nephew to smile for my camera,  dont you just love his face!! I do!! It screams,  "I always knew my aunt was a total dork,  proof positive folks...bless her heart";) Love him!! And my angel niece posed for me too...she is sooooo pretty!! Just look! And the super added bonus is MY sweet boy FINALLY decided to cooperate, sit still and let me take a picture of him.  Yall dont know what a miracle this truly is!! All and all it was a trip totally enjoyed by my kids and me!  So very glad we went!

Monday, September 3, 2012

I Heart Big Brown Eyes!!

I can't decide which I like better, big brown eyes or red headed babies!! With this little guy I get both! What a handsome little fellow...and he is getting sooo big! It seems like just yesterday that he was born and didn't even weight 6 lbs!! I soooo enjoyed visiting with his sweet mommy and of course capturing his sweet face! These are just a few...goodness I took a ton of this little man....I just could not get enough...and his room was a fantastic place to capture him!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

She's Here!! She's Here!!

OH MY what a crazy two days!! I've have waited sooooo long to meet this sweet little girl!! After all, I was the one who brought the pregnancy test to her momma who was sure she could NOT be pregnant! LOL!! I planned for months to be there for the big moment, to capture her arrival into this world,  and the little stinker decided to be born in the middle of the night, smack dab in between two 12 hour shifts I had to work!! UGH!! I did get to get her momma settled into her labor room before I headed home to shower and get ready for the call to come back to the hospital...I even had my things packed so I could sleep the rest of my night somewhere in the hospital...but sadly in all the craziness of her birth...the call was never made:( When her momma texted me a pic of her at 3 am...I literally cried...I missed it!! But mostly tears of joy for my sweet friend and the arrival of her precious daughter! Soooo I just had to make up for it and snap away today while I was blessed to be caring for her momma.  I absolutely LOVE watching families grow!!  Here are just a few moments I captured of this beautiful and blessed family.