Saturday, April 20, 2013

Amazingly Beautiful Family! {Frisco TX Newborn Photography}

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This precious girl was absolutely perfect for her newborn shoot! I was so excited to go and shoot her,  after all I was there to see her grand entrance and she pretty much came out camera ready! For real this precious girl had gorgeous skin and was always ready to strike a pose! Big sister looks equally gorgeous and was a super big helper and let me get some great sibling photos too...LOVE!! I"m always totally amazed when I walk into a clients home for a newborn shoot and the mom looks as beautiful as this mom did.  It blows my mind!! Folks,  I'm shooting these pics generally in THE FIRST WEEK OF LIFE?!?! Thinking back on the mess I was after both of my deliveries I'm not sure I could even shower without someone else actively participating to help me get it done...much less open the door and look like a million bucks like this momma did?!?! Totally beyond my understanding:) LOL!  I'm sure you will agree with me that this whole family is stunning...take a look and enjoy! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh My Goodness!! Preciousness!!!

OH MY!! I could take big huge bites out of this baby girl! Is she not just yummy! I was so exited to get to see her and her sweet momma! They were in town so we met bright and early before I had to be at work to teach a class.  This field was soooo pretty, the bluebonnets were just popping up but it will filled with all kinds of other pretty wildflowers! What a gorgeous back drop for this gorgeous girl! I know it is filled with bluebonnets now and I cant wait to go back and take some more shots there! It was a bit chilly when we started but the light was AMAZING and it warmed up pretty quickly and so did this sweet girl!  These shots and the gallery just scratch the surface of all the sweet shots I got of this sweet girl! LOVE HER!!!
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Precious Girl Outshines All the Flowers at Grapevine Botanical Gardens!

Oooooo....I heart this little lady! We met one windy afternoon at Grapevine Botanical Gardens to get some pics of this gorgeous girl who just turned one!  She LOVED being the center of attention,  but really wanted her momma in the spotlight too:) But a little dirt and some dried leaves and she was once again happy to sit by herself and give me a smile or two! I LOVE this family and I had so much fun capturing some special moments of this little miss with her mommy and daddy! They are the absolute best! I played around with some different editing styles with this session,  using some techniques to get that more vintage look that is so popular right now. The family collage is an example of that, You can see those pics in the collage edited more traditionally in the gallery but I thought I would show you a different style to see what you think..I love the look but I am kinda torn....I'm always trying to get the sharpest image and the vintage look takes a sharp image and makes it appear old and worn....aka NOT I'm on the fence about it!! Free to sound off in the comments section and tell me what you think!  Enjoy!

Super Sweet Birthday Girl!!

Good Gracious!! I can not get enough of this sweet baby girl!!  I was there when she was born and I had such fun watching her grow this last year! She has the SWEETEST smile!! I LOVED all the colors in her "Mad Hatter" party theme,  and I adored that her sweet daddy donned the Mad Hatter hat for the party! I have never seen a one year old have so much fun opening presents! Usually babies this age are not really concerned with seeing whats in those brightly colored boxes and bags, there is just two much going on around them at the party to stop and see....not this girl..she LOVED opening presents.  Now the smash cake....another story.  Little miss priss could not be bothered with getting messy! LOL! She wanted to be cleaned off pronto! Too funny! Enjoy these pics,  I for sure enjoyed taking them! AND stay tuned...this baby's one year photo shoot is following soon!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Random Patch of Bluebonnets!

So today we took a break from the house and work that awaited us and took the kiddos to the park! Daddy has a bike with a trailer that my sweet boy was dying to ride in and my beautiful girl of course jumps at any opportunity to ride her bike.  Sadly I do not own a bike:( My honey bought his while I was expecting and so I wouldn't let him buy me one too...we never rectified that problem. Anyway,  I met them at park and enjoyed watching my little loves play! I looked over to the field next to me and noticed a few sparse patched of bluebonnets! Of course I had my camera with me and made the little ones stop playing and pose for a pic or two....they totally LOVE it when I do that!! LOL! Anyway here is what I got out of them for this impromptu shoot,  certainly not my best effort,  I promise I could do MUCH better with your kids! Contact me if you are interested in a bluebonnet shoot and I can give you the where, when, and how much details!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Breathtakingly Beautiful Baby Girl! {Frisco TX Birth Photographer}

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The title of my post is a bit tongue in cheek given that I made a mad dash to make it in time for this delivery! This sweet baby girl was just taking her own sweet time in deciding when to make her appearance.  I waited patiently at home for the call that her momma was getting close and instead I answered the phone to her momma's sweet voice saying " I''m so sorry this is such short notice but all of a sudden I'm complete and ready to push and the Dr is here"  OH MY GOSH!! NOOOO....DON'T PUSH!! LOL! I told her that like she had a choice and the Dr was going to be ok with waiting around until I arrived! Ha!! I'm pretty sure I texted her while waiting at a red light, telling her to be a wimpy pusher for just 5 or 6 minutes longer! I raced into the room,  I'm positive the nurses at the desk were laughing at me, with just enough time to get my camera ready,  hop up on my chair in the corner where I like to shoot from and fire away! YAY! I'm so glad I made it! Truly this is one breathtakingly beautiful baby girl! Tho I'm sure no one is surprised by that, as her momma and sweet big sister are stunning as well! Just look at her!! She was sooooo alert and in a couple of pics I swear she is smiling at me! I know I caught her precious dimples in at least one shot!!  These were such sweet moments to catch! I know I've mentioned that my most favorite thing EVER to shoot is births and this one didn't fail to disappoint me! One of the CRNA's that I work with was looking at my camera equipment and impressed asked me "now tell me with that equipment,  is this a hobby or a passion?!?" BOTH!! But when it comes to birth photography it is truly a passion for it and nothing else that drives me to do it.  I especially love a birth when I get to hang around and see the babies introduced to their big siblings!! I can never not be touched by those moments between new siblings in a growing family.  I love watching families grow! I don't know if its because my own sisters have always meant so much to me or if its because I struggled for so many years trying to achieve my desire to grow my own family. More than likely its both,  but either way I cant help but get a little misty eyed when I get to witness it.  What an incredible honor and privilege to be asked to capture it!!! This sweet big sister was in one of my sibling classes and I knew from the start she would be a great big sister and boy did she prove me right!! Just look at how excited she is!! I LOVE IT! I almost always come out of every shoot with a new favorite picture....this shoot I came away with two!! Can you guess which ones they are?!?!  Who ever guesses first which two pics are my new fav will receive a complementary mini session,  20 min of shooting time for up to 4 people and 5-7 fully edited digital images at the location of their choice! Respond in the comment section below!!