Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Little Girl's Dream Party!

What do you get when you put together a momma who is a party planner and a little girl who loves being a ballerina?? Why a "Ballerina Tea Party" of course! This was one amazingly beautiful party for one beautifully precious little four year old. It had everything you would expect a ballerina tea party to have and then some...a pink ballet bar, tutus for every party girl, a gorgeous dessert bar complete with ballet slipper sugar cookies and pink popcorn and even a Bellini bar for the grown ups not to mention a ballet lesson with real ballerinas!!! The tables were perfectly set with beautiful china and lovely sugar cookies!  Folks, this momma does not play when it comes to parties...for real!!! If you ever need an event planner you NEED to check her out at This is the second party I have shot for her and I'm not kidding,  there is no detail overlooked! Her vision was beautifully executed and those sweet little ballerinas enjoyed every moment of the amazing party. Check it wont be sorry!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Brown Eyed Valentine

This precious brown eyed boy for sure has stolen my heart with those big brown eyes of his!! I think I've mentioned that I'm a sucker for big brown eyes ans this little man has a waa hoo gorgeous set of big brown eyes!  He stopped by early last week for a last min Valentine's mini shoot!! It was the end of the day and he was a bit tired and he just didn't want to give up the big grins but I captured a few and I absolutely LOVE the serious looks he gives me!! Sometimes I think he's thinking,  I've got a secret and I'm just gonna keep it to myself for a while but when I tell you you will be sooooo surprised!! LOVE him!!! Click on the pic and proceed to the sweet gallery!! I know you won't be sorry you did!!

A Sweet Baby Boy is Coming Soon...but not too soon!!

Click on the pic to proceed to the gallery
This sweet momma has learned early on that momma's will do anything and make many sacrifices for their sweet baby's!  She is stranded at home on bed rest to help make sure her sweet boy stays in as long as possible!! I stopped by to take some belly shots before it was too late and I loved meeting her sweet puppy and getting to know the daddy to be.  I kept her off her feet except to move from one seated location to the next and for one sweet profile shot...promise I did!! I love these sweet shots and CAN NOT wait to meet the new little man when he makes his LEAST a few weeks from now!!! So click on the collage above and look through the gallery...I know you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Frisco TX Photo Shoot at Babes

What a special shoot this was! This little man's mommy and I have known each other since kindergarten!! We had sleepovers together and went to each others birthday parties and now our children get together on occasion to play and have fun!! So I was super excited to get a call form her asking if I wanted to help her get her little guy a bit more used to posing for the camera!  We met at Babes Chicken in Frisco which has some many great places to shoot! I love it there and especially love it when it's not swarming with other photographers! On this morning we had it all to ourselves! It was a bit chilly but that didn't deter this little guy from trying to run out all his energy! He was fast!! And tho I can never profess to be fast in ANY way my camera IS! And I got to work trying to capture this handsome boys personality! I have got to say that some of my favorite images ever came out of this shoot!! I just love them and seriously this is one beautiful boy!! I left the shoot assuring mom that I had a least captured a few that she would like and I can assure you I got more than a few!! The gallery alone has 26 pics and those are just the ones I narrowed down as MY favs not even all the ones I like!! Take a look at this beautiful boy and enjoy!!

Baby "A" is 4 months old!

Click on the pic to proceed to the gallery
This sweet baby girl is growing soooo fast!  I stopped by for a quick visit to snap a few pics and try out a new backdrop and this precious girls was so very accommodating for the camera!! Even Big Brother wanted to jump in and play with some of my Valentines Day props! I could not have asked for better subjects! These babies are beautiful!! It was such a fun and easy shoot,  here are a few to share of this gorgeous girl and her handsome brother! Enjoy!