Monday, August 19, 2013

Beautiful Baby Girl!

Today I got to snuggle with the sweetest most precious angel!! Oh how I love shooting newborns! Of course I say that about everything I shoot but it's true!! I absolutely love it!! This sweet girls joined a big brother and a big sister and they were oh so fun too! Big sis wasn't super excited about posing for the camera but that's ok! I'm sure Ill get to catch her with her little sis some other time soon! Big brother was sooo loving and protective! Melt my heart!!! check out these few precious shots,  I know you will agree she is to sweet for words!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pretty Precious Little Lady! {Babes Chicken Photo Shoot, Frisco TX}

This little Lady and her momma braved the heat to meet me at Babes Chicken to get some precious shots to commemorate her up coming big day! I can not believe she will be ONE!! I've had the pleasure of shooting her since birth and while I missed the actual moment I was there shortly after and have been shooting away ever since!! LOVE HER!! This sweet shoot was so much fun! Now I know her momma is not going to say the same thing about it because sweet little miss was pretty much not interested in posing for the camera but I saw it as a challenge and that's fun to me!! ALL Mommy's can get flustered and worried, myself included, when a photo shoot isn't going exactly the was they planned but with a little patience and letting this little Miss take the lead,  I think we got some fantastic shots!! What do you think?? 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Grapevine Botanical Gardens Maternity Shoot

These beautiful kiddos are about to welcome another one home in just a few short days!! I was so excited to meet them for this shoot! This momma was a little hesitant to do a maternity shoot at all,  like the rest of us toward the end of her pregnancy feeling pretty enough to let someone document that moment in time does not come easily.  But I am so very glad she decided to brave the Texas heat today and come out for some beautiful shots of her children with her.  I know she will forever be glad she did! She looked stunning of course!!! Here is a sneak peek of what I'm seeing so far and I'm in LOVE!! What do you all think?? I can not wait to meet this precious little one and get some great shots of the new baby too!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Super Sweet Sneak Peek! {Central Park Frisco TX shoot}

OH My!! I spent the first part of my day with this precious little guy and his sweet mommy and daddy! What a great way to start my day!! He is soooooo sweet!! I LOVE his hair and the way its starting to curl,  and his eyes!! Oh my goodness his eyes!! I swear they are the bluest eyes I have ever seen!! This little man is gearing up for a first birthday party and  mommy wanted to get some sweet shots to have for his big day.  This family is stunning and the location was perfect for them.  Its always great when I have a family that doesn't mind starting out early,  for one the light is amazing and so easy to shoot in, and second its a bit cooler in the morning here in the blistering heat of summer! This family was bright eyed and ready to go by 8am! I LOVE THAT!! Check out these sweet shots,  there are so many I love, these are just a few that steal my heart! Enjoy!!