Friday, November 30, 2012

Lovely Ladies!!!

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What an incredible family of  lovely young ladies!! This shoot was so much fun and these girls are soooo photogenic!! They made my job sooo easy!! I just had to point and shoot and I had a fantastic shot this this bunch!! These girls are embarking on a brand new journey and what better way to commemorate it than to feel great by having some beautiful pictures to share!! I see great things in store for this family!! Just look at how gorgeous they are!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Model Family!

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Seriously Folks!! This family looks like it just stepped off the pages of a GAP advertisement!! Simply beautiful!! But I don't know why I was surprised by that,  after all dad is the brother of a coworker with another equally stunning family! What a time this dad is going to have keeping the boys away from all four of these girls!! They are breathtaking,  each and every one!! He better invest in same firearms pronto!! Even the dog is a pretty girl,  and she smiled for me...just look!! This dad had me in stitches the whole shoot!! Such a fun family!! Loved them all and I loved how their pics turned out!! The location could not have been prettier! These are just a few...there are sooooo many good ones!!

Picture Perfect!!!

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Some days everything just falls into place, and this was certinally one of those days!! Great light, great location, my camera actually did exactly waht I asked it to or should I say what I expected of it:) AND I have this stunning family to shoot!! They came perfectly dressed and ready to smile! Little miss let her sassy self shine through and mister big guy ramped it up to stike a pose! Even mom and dad showed up ready to work the camera!! I LOVE these pictures!! I Love this family!! Click on the pic to proceed to their gallery!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Brand New BOY!!!

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Oh how I love deliveries!! Such a wonderful miraculous event! Every time I get to witness one I am reminded that I am truly doing what I was meant to do!! And Its always an added bonus when I get to "capture" it for the family as well! Ive been known to grab a patients camera a time or two and snap away for them, but when I actually plan to take pictures at a delivery I can not contain my excitement!! For real, I LOVE "capturing" growing families! This sweet family was soooo fun!! I think one of my favorite moments was when big brother came in to see the new addition and he looked up at me and said "Hey it's Miss Emily, you taught me how to be a big brother!" He had gone through one of the sibling classes I taught! I LOVE it!! Take some time to look at the gallery to see this precious story, you wont be sorry!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Such a Gorgeous Family!!!

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Would you just look at this gorgeous family!!! They were perfectly prepared for their shoot!! I could not believe that its had been so long since this family posed together for a picture.  Momma said it been 5 years!! Crazy!! Especially when you consider how absolutely gorgeous and photogenic they are!! I could not go wrong with this family!! I know that mom and dad were sure I left with nothing,  sweet littlest man wanted me to work a little for it and I LOVE that !! I LOVE the challenge that sweet little ones and all their energy can bring to a shoot!! It really allows me to get some great shots of the family just being a family!! I love posed pictures too but my heart is in the moments that aren't posed and I loved that about this shoot! Enjoy the gallery!!

Precious Little family!!

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Oh this family is oh so sweet!! LOVE them!! And I loved "capturing" some sweet pictures of them! We met way the heck out in the middle of nowhere and what a great location it was!! That is if you disregard the the train that came screaming through with out ANY notice!! I'm not kidding...NO WARNING! Geez...and this momma was so excited to hop up on those tracks for a pic a little later!! I'm not going to lie and say that I didn't have a few moments of anxiousness up on those tracks;) Sweet little miss was no fan of the train either!! But she bounced right back and gave us some really winning smiles!! I LOVE her!!! And then there was the run down trailer parked right next to the tracks that seemed to be abandoned but then later we noticed that it's door was open and someone had built a big fire in a big pit in front of it! OH Lordy! I was certain it was the local serial killer getting ready to barbecue us!! BUT seriously folks,  it was a GREAT location that this momma found for us! I may have to venture up there again....but prolly only with someone who has a concealed handgun license or something!! LOL! Just look at these sweet pics!! Oh and for you Apple users,  I'm trying to find a new gallery style that y'all can see on ipads and iphones...this one should work but I'm gonna warn you...I don't like it at all!!! So back to the drawing board to find another option!  Enjoy!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Simply Glowing!!!

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Just look at this beautiful momma! She truly IS glowing!! At one point in the shoot I stopped and asked her if she had ever done any modeling because she knew just how to work the camera,   and she got into every position I asked of her even if it was a bit awkward in her expanding state:) I just loved this shoot!  It was so fun, so effortless on my part, and sweet big brother was soooo good!! you You could just tell he was so excited to be a big brother soon!! In fact he told me all about how excited he was a couple of days later in a Sibling class I was teaching at work! If little brother has even half the cuteness and charm of this little man he will be blessed indeed!! I can't wait to meet the new little guy who will soon be joining this family!  I sent him a memo with all the times of my work schedule and currently scheduled shoots so he would know just when it was most convenient for him to come!! I don't want to miss it!! We shall see if he read it!! Stay tuned....I cant wait to post pics of his arrival!!

Melt my Heart!

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Is this not one beautifully precious baby???  Oh so sweet!! And it is so very obvious that her parents are 100% head over heals in love with her already!! Who wouldn't fall in love with this little love!! I certainly did in just the short time I got to spend with her.  Her parents were so very patient and accommodating and I think we got some precious shots! Her nursery is gorgeous so I had to do some shooting in there to showcase such a beautifully blessed family!!

Seriously!!! This family can not take a bad picture!!!

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I'm not lying!! This sweet family is stunning and for real can not take a bad picture!! I really tried hard to find one I didn't like...and aside from the odd one were a eye or two were shut they are all fantastic!! They just LOVE the camera!! The girls showed up all glammed up and let me catch a few dressy pics before we got down to business to capture this truly beautiful family's pics! They were so fun and I loved how the girls wanted to ham it up and the guys were so tolerant of posing for the camera! The gallery I posted is huge so click on the picture to see it!! I just couldn't decide which ones to share and there are soooo many more!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Favorite Family EVER!! Well, besides my own;)

SO....just in case you guys didn't get it from the title of the post,  I LOVE this family!! For real!! I've known this momma since the two of us were in the 4th grade,  we even sang a duet together then!! A stanza of "We Are The World" no less!! I wonder if she remembers which part of it we sang??? I'm pretty sure I tried to push her out of the way of the mic but she totally held her own and out sang me by miles! True story folks! We have been through choir trips,  college craziness,  our weddings,  pregnancies...pretty much everything together! She even let my husband move into her house for a few days a week for 9 MONTHS while he was commuting back and forth from Waco to Addison before we moved the whole family up here while I was finishing nursing school. This girl picks me up when I fall apart,  which seems to be a lot in the last few years...Oh my! To say she is the very best is a total understatement! SO I love capturing memories of her family for her!! Look at this beautiful family!! I am so very blessed to have them in my life and to be able to call this momma my bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!

OH!! How I love sweet BOYS!!

Those who know me well,  will get a little chuckle out of the title of my post.  After all I'm the girl who all through my second pregnancy (again we chose not to find out the baby's gender) was POSITIVE that I was carrying a girl because I could not possibly have a boy,  as I did not know what to do with one  Boys are stinky and dirty and rowdy,  I just could NOT have a boy....I was not made to be the mom of a boy.  Literally 3 weeks before the birth of my second child I was standing at the nurses station,  in a daze because a patient had just proudly shown me a sono picture of her child's "boy parts" and thinking to myself...."OH Dear Lord!! I think I saw that same picture when they scanned me the last time?!?!"  Enter one of my OB's who happens to be a friend as well and that triggered a MAJOR meltdown,  panic attack,  whatever you want to call it!!! I begged,  no demanded, that she scan me to confirm that my worst fears were not true and really I had imagined what I might have seen.  Because IF it WAS as boy I would really need some time to come to terms with that and figure out what to do with "it"!  Sweet friend that she was just giggled and told me I had come so far and that you did the same things with a boy that you do with a girl and that I would be OK.  Essentially she refused to scan me.  RUDE!! LOL,  just kidding!!  But she did reassure me and talk me "off the ledge", so to speak! Fast forward a few weeks and out comes this amazingly beautiful, heartbreakingly sweet,  yummy little BOY!! I'm so glad the Lord knew what I needed better than I did because OH!! How I love sweet little boys now!! I LOVE being a mom to a boy!! And I'm sure this momma feels the same way!! Just look at these sweet beautiful boys!! They really kept me on my toes and made me work....but I LOVE that!! It's so fun!! THEY were so fun!  I always hate to see parents worry about their boys being too busy or rowdy or not still enough during a session.  As moms,  we always want everything to be just perfect,  but this I what I love most about being a photographer...being able to "capture" the sweet fleeting moments.  Those moments are gone in an instant,  especially with boys!! I'm so grateful this family invited me to capture a few of their sweet moments for them!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Perfectly Pretty!!

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What a pretty day it was to capture such a pretty family!! SO worth the drive to such a pretty part of our area near Aubrey TX!  This family looked amazing! I'm told sweet little miss choose what she wanted to wear and the rest of the family had to coordinate around her!! LOL!! Well she did a good job picking out a fab color scheme!! The natural surroundings could not have looked better with that pop of color! Such a FUN shoot with such a BEAUTIFUL family!

Lovely family at Adriatica!

This momma had decided to forgo family pictures this year.  All the preparation and stress that she thought it would take to get ready just wasn't on her list of priorities.  BUT...thankfully I convinced her otherwise by showing her some pics of this location and promising to make it as pain free as possible.  Of course I forgot to mention at that time that meeting at 830am on one of her only weekends off of work was necessary.  Oh well, the light was fantastic and the whole family arrived cheerfully and ready to pose;) Of course the teenage boys needed some encouragement to actually smile!!! LOL! Just a glimpse of what I have to look forward to with my boy!! But smile they did and I love how these pics turned out! Lovely!! I'm so glad this momma decided to do this!! And I hope she will be too!!

Bourbon Bash!!

What do you do for a guy that turning 40?? Throw him a big time bash complete with custom decorations, great food and a bourbon bar!! Aged to perfection just like him.  All the details that went into this party were just astounding!  Fredricka of ZaZo Designs  really out did herself in the planning and preparation of this party.  I'm totally a detail person and LOVE to "capture" the details of a party so I can assure you I was in heaven at this event.  Folks, if you ever need a party planner Fredricka is the one to call!! She is just the person to make sure you party is perfect right down to the last detail!! And no,  I did not get paid to say that!! And all those details made for a great party!! Just look doesn't it look like they had fun!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Beautiful day!! Beautiful family!!!

What an amazing day it was to meet up at Frisco Park and "capture" this beautiful family!  The grandparents came along and helped the boys ham it up and I'm totally in love with some of the shots I got!! Most notably the shot of mom and dad swinging big brother in the air...I think its gonna top my list of all time FAVORITE shots!!  LOVE it!! Here are a few from the any pic below to proceed to the gallery.  I just loved this session,  I hope you do to!!

Sweet Baby K!!

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I know this baby's sweet momma had been dying to see some pics form her newborn session!! And Ive been dying to show her some.  But sadly,  as I am new to the blogging world I have been uploading HUGE files to my blog and used up ALL my available space for uploads...ooops!! My main man came to my rescue and helped me figure out my problem so now I can finally share a few sweet pics of this precious baby girl!! She was soooo alert and awake for most of her session but just as I was about to give up on sleepy pics she finally drifted off. Soooo sweet!! Click on the pic above to take you to a gallery of a few images! Enjoy!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Could not be more beautiful!!

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As I was going through these pics...all I could think was this family is gorgeous!! I mean really.... they could not be more beautiful or more beautifully put together! I LOVED this shoot!!! It was so much fun!! Tho I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous about shooting it simply because this gorgeous momma was soooo worked up about it and all the details!! What would every one wear,  would what she picked be ok,  how would they pose,  where would they pose,  getting there,  getting everyone name it, she was worried!! But look at these pics!! I could not go wrong with this family and it could not have gone better!!! I absolutely LOVE them!! Click on the picture and it will take you to a gallery....I had such a hard time deciding which ones to share I had to do a whole gallery!! What do you think!