Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best Boy Ever! Frisco TX Newborn Photographer

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OH my goodness!! This sweet boy was the BEST ever!! I'm not kidding,  I usually arrive to a newborn shoot prepared to stay for the long haul, maybe a feeding or two,  required diaper changes, just some needed snuggle time with mom and dad...all those necessary things that make newborn sessions a marathon of a shoot.  It's just the way it goes.  However,  this little guy did not get that memo!  He was absolutely perfect from beginning to end,  totally OK with whatever I asked of him. He even gave me the perfect smile!!! Yippee!! That is photographers gold right there!  It was crazy how well the whole  shoot went and ever more astounding ...how quickly we were able to get it done! No lie folks,  quickest newborn session EVER! This little man must be a total dream for his precious parents! He certainly could not  have been more of a dream for me!! Tho how could I have expected anything less from this sweet little guy after he made his birth shoot so extremely convenient for me as well!! Take a look at this beautiful boy...ooohhh I could just take a bite out of him he is so so sweet!!

Grapevine Botanical Gardens Senior Shoot

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I so very much enjoyed meeting this precious girl and her mother! You can tell that her mother is so very proud of her and she should be! Her gentle sweet spirit just shined like a big bright light right out of her sweet smile! She was a little nervous about posing for the camera,  after all it IS her SENIOR shoot and she wanted everything to be just perfect, and in my opinion it could not have been more so! She settled right in and after just a few shots I had a professional model on my hands! She loved the camera and it loved her! Put that together with the amazingly beautiful surroundings of the Grapevine Botanical Gardens and you have a combo that you just cant lose with! We had to all have a giggle in end because dad made a sign that said "class of 2013" that we just had to include in a few shots least he be upset that his effort was in vain! So could not let that happen, so into some shots it went!  Enjoy this beautiful girl! Oh the places she will go with that sweet smile and beautiful spirit!!

Plano TX Family Photographer

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I just love this family! They have been soooo patient with me! I shot momma and the kiddos quite a while ago for a birthday surprise for daddy and the original plan was for me to go right back soon after his birthday and add dad into some pics! Easy enough, right?  Well apparently not, as it took me WAY too long to get back over there,  shameful considering they live just right down the street!! You would think we could get our schedules to jive long before this but not so much! AND to top it all off, I was late to the shoot!! UGH! I know, I know...all of you who know me well are thinking that is not anything new for me but I do TRY to be on time;) I woke up exactly 18 min before I needed to be at their house! Panic!! My sweet boy had kept me up most of the night with some seriously bad asthma and I did not think to set an alarm because he his such a get up and go early kind of little guy.  I guess he was worn out so of all days he slept in. In fact, I was so tired from my late night (or really all night) activities that when I was all done with the shoot I packed up and headed out without my CAMERA EQUIPMENT! Really?!?! AND, Sweet momma had to message me to tell me I had left it as I had not even missed it yet! Oh my! Anyway,  despite my lack of sleep I really enjoyed this shoot, I love going to folks houses and trying to capture great shots of their families in the spots they are most comfy! Plus, this brother and sister and so sweet to watch,  they are so funny together! I love and am fascinated by the dynamic between brothers and sisters, maybe because I never had a brother or maybe because my own little family consists of a brother and a sister...who knows,  but regardless I LOVE it! Mom and Dad did pretty well too posing for some great pics of just the two of them! Check it out,  I think you will agree,  so sooo sweet!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beautiful Baby Girl! Frisco TX Birth Photography

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What a sweet family this was!! I met them for the first time literally as I walked into the the OR to shoot their precious girls "birth"day. C-section births are special to me as I have had two of my own. As a Labor and Delivery Nurse I"m always trying to be super sensitive and protective of my moms who require a c/section because as a mom who has been through one I know its not always the birth experience that they expected and often times there are several things that are forfeited.  All the birthing classes and books describe immediate skin to skin, the importance of the presence of family members and such...which is fantastic but with a c/section delivery not always possible. So I'm always trying extra hard to make it as great of an experience as possible.  While my job in this delivery wasn't  being the nurse,  even as the photographer I want to try and go the extra mile to make up for whatever the momma and daddy might think they are missing out on.  Tho as a personal note...I've seen quite a few deliveries and there have been several vaginal deliveries that have made me feel pretty sure that I did not get the short end of the stick with my c-sections!!! I don't have a single picture from my daughters birth...you read that right...not a single one!!! Because my sweet flustered husband FORGOT the camera!! *gasp* Now I'm going to have to defend him a little here before y'all get at mad at him....it was a stat c-section and he had just walked down the hall to grab some lunch when everything went down the tubes and he had to run back to make it in time for the delivery...but still....NOT A SINGLE PICTURE! Also, in his defense,  it was his experience too...he was excited, anxious, nervous about becoming a dad for the first time and to ask him to remember to take pictures is kinda asking a lot. I cant say enough about how you should take the camera out of the dads hands and designate someone else to take the pictures!!!  So with all that I have rambled on about, I always try to do my best to take the shots I know I would have wanted from my deliveries.  Take a look and see...this is truly a beautiful family!

"Birth"day blessing! Frisco Birth Photography

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Welcome! Welcome to this beautiful boy!! I was sooo blessed to be a witness to such a blessed birth!! This little man has been long awaited and anticipated!  He made his momma work a little at keeping him in and growing him healthy but she did a fantastic job staying on bed rest and kept him in much longer than  most of us expected!! YAY! When he did decide to come he was oh so considerate to his birth photographer and choose a day I was already super close by (as in actually inside the building) AND waited until the class I was teaching was OVER to actually appear!! Pretty much could not have been better!! Thanks little man...you already ROCK in my book!! I may have mentioned that birth photography is pretty much my MOST favorite thing to photograph EVER!! And this sweet birth was sooo very special.  Truly I am always humbled and honored when I'm asked to attend a birth and capture those miraculous moments as a couple becomes a family or as a family grows.  It never gets old!! I'm always blessed by the moment!! This precious new family was so sweet to work with,  both mom and dad have a precious, sweet spirit.  Sweet daddy was so very patient waiting to hold his new little guy and joy just shines from his face when he finally gets some cuddle time!! Enjoy this precious story...there are two galleries attached to this post,  a different one will appear for each collage you click on so make sure you view them both!! You wont be sorry you took the time to see this beautiful story!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sweet Birthday Boy!

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Oh this sweet boy is so very yummy!! Much more yummy than the smash cake we had fun playing in for some sweet pics! I loved this shoot!! not only did I get to shoot a sweet little one year old,  complete with ballons and a smash cake,  but big sis was a birthday girl too so I got to shoot her too! I love my ballon background I used a the collage pics,  good ole pinterest came through again with a great background idea that photographed like a dream.  Speaking of dreams,  this little man is such a dream with his big brown eyes and grin!! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE some big brown eyes!! I beleive I have!! Kudos to mom and dad for being patient with me as I tried out some new ideas! So click on the collage to proceed to the gallery and enjoy!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Little Helper!

So momma got a surprise in the mail today in the form of several backdrops/floordrops and I had them rolled out on the floor so I could look them over. I turned around to grab my camera to do a couple of test shots of them to see if I liked the way they photographed and my sweet little helper decided they were a great place to zoom his cars!!  Here are a couple of shots I took. Now, I know the back drops aren't super visible because my "subject" kinda had my full attention but the point I guess is that these two pics were taken in the exact same spot in my house and all I had to do was pull up one of the backdrops that I was using to show the other one under it to get a different look!  Yay! Stay tuned y'all...I've added several great props to my arsenal and I'm fixin' to post a super cute little birthday boys session!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Super Sweet Sneak Peek!

This sweet brown eyed beauty recently turned 5 years old AND we just had to take a few pics to commemorate the special occasion!  I think 5 is a pretty special year and this special little girl is pretty special too!! I just loved capturing her sweet spirit! She has a little bother too that turned one not too long after she turned 5 so we did one year pics of him as well! But, I've been looking at this gorgeous girl the last little bit while editing their session and I just had to share a few of my favorites of her before I continued with my editing!! Enjoy this sweet sneak peek and stay tuned...little brother has his own sneak peek on the way!