Monday, October 14, 2013

Going to the chapel!!

I am seriously excited about the upcoming opportunity to shoot this couples wedding!! The bride and I used to work together and I was trilled to reconnect when she asked me if I would be interested in shooting her upcoming special day!! HECK YES I would!! I LOVE weddings!! So I was really happy to get to meet her groom and do some engagement photos the other night! We shot in an amazing spot in Aubrey TX, which had a really rustic feel and some train tracks near by!  The groom to be had a most awesome prop in the form of his 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix that we just had to get in some shots! My own hubby has a metal "baby" that was also a prop for photos at our wedding so I know how important those cars are to our boys and I was only too happy to oblige! I had a great time getting to know how the tow of them interact with each other and loved how the shoot turned out! Here's s sneak peek of some of my favorites! Enjoy!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Seriously AWESOME Senior Shoot!

From the moment I found out I was going to be shooting this Senior at an airplane hanger (is that even what it is called?!?!) I was sooooo excited! What a fantastic idea!! Who cares that the senior I was shooting was pretty uninterested in having his picture taken (as most men young and old are)....I would deal with that when I got there...but I was for real excited to go!! Now I kinda giving this handsome young man a bit of a hard time when I say he was uninterested...'cause really he is interested in ANYTHING that has to do with his love of flying and that means even a photo shoot that was in his favorite airplane hanger! I've got to give it to him...he works for his flight instructor for flight time and he has worked hard enough to be just a breath away from having his pilots fact he may already have gotten it since this shoot was done! And speaking of flight instructors,  his instructor takes the prize for most accommodating EVER!! I have never had such help at a shoot...he was hauling and taxing planes here and there for the best shot and even once pulled his jeep up on the runway so he could light up my subject with head lights when I was shooting at sunset!! SERIOUSLY!!! It was AMAZING!! AND his mom and dad were both along for the fun with dad even jumping in and giving him posing ideas!! I LOVED IT!!! Now this guy isn't really a "smiler", he's more the strong silent type but I would not be deterred...I was gonna get a smile if it was the last thing I did...and you can guess who won that battle!! Ummmmm...MEEEEEE!! Ha! Enjoy these few from the shoot....there are SOOOO many good ones that it took forever to narrow it down...see what you think!

Lovely Little Loves!

This was such a fun and easy shoot!  These kiddos made my job super easy! I'm always a little taken aback when that happens.  I try to arrive with an arsenal of tricks up my sleeve to get that perfect grin or smile and tho the littlest miss did try to test me a bit by being a bit selective about her smiles,  It took no time at all for me to coax one out of her! Not to mention all the rest of the family pitched in to help too! I really think the shoot hold the record for the fastest and easiest!! But I loved every shot! See what you think!