Monday, July 30, 2012

Bittersweet Goodbye

So fun to get together and celebrate a friend and the new journey she is taking. But to steal her own words its "bittersweet" too.  SO glad I took my camera to take a few shots!! Which is kinda funny because MY definition of a few and yours may be very different!  Typically when I shoot an event I shoot well over 100 and its not uncommon to have over 300!! Goodness that ends up being a lot to go through!  I actually did well and only took about 60.  But I loved capturing memories for her to remember from this night. I love how these photos turned out.  My favorite is one where the focus is on the martini glass and an awsome clutch purse I was eyeing and one of my most beautiful friends is just out of focus in the background. Love it!!   Good Luck Sweet Friend!! May you be richly blessed in your new endeavor.   I know we will all miss you!

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