Monday, February 4, 2013

Frisco TX Photo Shoot at Babes

What a special shoot this was! This little man's mommy and I have known each other since kindergarten!! We had sleepovers together and went to each others birthday parties and now our children get together on occasion to play and have fun!! So I was super excited to get a call form her asking if I wanted to help her get her little guy a bit more used to posing for the camera!  We met at Babes Chicken in Frisco which has some many great places to shoot! I love it there and especially love it when it's not swarming with other photographers! On this morning we had it all to ourselves! It was a bit chilly but that didn't deter this little guy from trying to run out all his energy! He was fast!! And tho I can never profess to be fast in ANY way my camera IS! And I got to work trying to capture this handsome boys personality! I have got to say that some of my favorite images ever came out of this shoot!! I just love them and seriously this is one beautiful boy!! I left the shoot assuring mom that I had a least captured a few that she would like and I can assure you I got more than a few!! The gallery alone has 26 pics and those are just the ones I narrowed down as MY favs not even all the ones I like!! Take a look at this beautiful boy and enjoy!!

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