Saturday, August 3, 2013

Super Sweet Sneak Peek! {Central Park Frisco TX shoot}

OH My!! I spent the first part of my day with this precious little guy and his sweet mommy and daddy! What a great way to start my day!! He is soooooo sweet!! I LOVE his hair and the way its starting to curl,  and his eyes!! Oh my goodness his eyes!! I swear they are the bluest eyes I have ever seen!! This little man is gearing up for a first birthday party and  mommy wanted to get some sweet shots to have for his big day.  This family is stunning and the location was perfect for them.  Its always great when I have a family that doesn't mind starting out early,  for one the light is amazing and so easy to shoot in, and second its a bit cooler in the morning here in the blistering heat of summer! This family was bright eyed and ready to go by 8am! I LOVE THAT!! Check out these sweet shots,  there are so many I love, these are just a few that steal my heart! Enjoy!!

1 comment:

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