Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pretty Precious Little Lady! {Babes Chicken Photo Shoot, Frisco TX}

This little Lady and her momma braved the heat to meet me at Babes Chicken to get some precious shots to commemorate her up coming big day! I can not believe she will be ONE!! I've had the pleasure of shooting her since birth and while I missed the actual moment I was there shortly after and have been shooting away ever since!! LOVE HER!! This sweet shoot was so much fun! Now I know her momma is not going to say the same thing about it because sweet little miss was pretty much not interested in posing for the camera but I saw it as a challenge and that's fun to me!! ALL Mommy's can get flustered and worried, myself included, when a photo shoot isn't going exactly the was they planned but with a little patience and letting this little Miss take the lead,  I think we got some fantastic shots!! What do you think?? 

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