Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chestnut Square Mckinney, TX Photo Shoot

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OH how I love this family!! And I loved meeting up with them early on a Sunday Morning before church and snapping their picture! Such beauties in this family! Just look!! And the back drop of Chestnut Square was perfect,  I love it's rustic quaint feel.  This family had a little miss who is sure she is the "star" of the show, sadly she was not friendly to the "paparazzi" AKA me!  She wanted nothing to do with the camera and had no time to pose...she wanted to run and time for the camera...stuff to do and see and places to be! But I love the challenge and it lets me capture the BEST pics...the ones I LOVE the most, families just being them...interacting with each other.  That is the stuff I love to capture,  little moments that are fleeting and will be gone before you blink.  Those are the images that years from now you will see and they pull at your heart,  not that the beautifully posed and composed ones won't do the same but I just feel like those precious moments get lost in all the business and to have them "captured" is so extra special! Its why I love doing this so much! Enjoy this beautiful family!!

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