Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Prairie Creek Park Family Photo Shoot!

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This place is quickly becoming my favorite place to shoot! It's not too far away and the fall colors were beautiful!! Not to mention it has an amazing waterfall!! You can even walk across it and stand on it! So  pretty! Of course it never hurts to have a beautiful family to compliment the backdrop too!! These kiddos were so funny! I know moms and dads get exasperated when their kids want to just run and play instead of pose for the "perfect picture",  After all usually you are paying for the photographer and have spent a lot of time picking out the perfect outfits,  the perfect place,  getting everyone's hair and makeup just perfect...and then you arrive and your kids just really could care less about the camera!! UGH!! But that's what I love most about doing this,  that is exactly what sets up the PERFECT picture!! Those kids acting like themselves and playing! I LOVE IT!! This momma has told me several times since that she was sure that her kids were the absolute worst and should get some sort of an award for the least cooperative...whatever!! By the way,  sweet momma,  MY kids have yours beat hands down in that category! No Lie! I think some amazing images came out of this session!! What do you think?

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