Friday, January 25, 2013

Downtown McKinney Family Photo Shoot!

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This family was such a blast to shoot!! Not only was the shoot in a new location for me,  they knew all the nooks and crannies to shoot in!  They were able to show me all sorts of places that looked great in photographs... Absolutely love it when I learn while I''m doing what I love! AND this family was so natural! There was no trying super hard to get them to look like they liked being in each others company...All my families love each other,  its just occasionally when you point a camera their way it makes them uncomfortable and they don't do the things they would normal do naturally! Not so with this sweet,  precious, amazingly beautiful family!! They were all about snuggling up close and smiling for the camera! Of course it had nothing to do with the fact it was totally freezing when we started!! So cold I would have snuggled up with them too!! Just look at these sweet babies braving the cold...they did so great!!! And the cold just put roses in their cheeks and a sparkle in their eyes!! I took soooo many pics of this family...partly because we were trying out so many different locations downtown but really just because they are so sweet to capture!! I got so many of big brother and lil sis just being sweet and funny with each other!! LOVE!! One thing I for sure don't love is while I got plenty of mommy/daughter and father/son shots I totally didn't switch it up and do it the other way about a total FAIL! Goodness that burns me up...oh well just another excuse to get these folks in front of my camera again!!

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