Sunday, April 14, 2013

Random Patch of Bluebonnets!

So today we took a break from the house and work that awaited us and took the kiddos to the park! Daddy has a bike with a trailer that my sweet boy was dying to ride in and my beautiful girl of course jumps at any opportunity to ride her bike.  Sadly I do not own a bike:( My honey bought his while I was expecting and so I wouldn't let him buy me one too...we never rectified that problem. Anyway,  I met them at park and enjoyed watching my little loves play! I looked over to the field next to me and noticed a few sparse patched of bluebonnets! Of course I had my camera with me and made the little ones stop playing and pose for a pic or two....they totally LOVE it when I do that!! LOL! Anyway here is what I got out of them for this impromptu shoot,  certainly not my best effort,  I promise I could do MUCH better with your kids! Contact me if you are interested in a bluebonnet shoot and I can give you the where, when, and how much details!

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