Thursday, April 18, 2013

Super Sweet Birthday Girl!!

Good Gracious!! I can not get enough of this sweet baby girl!!  I was there when she was born and I had such fun watching her grow this last year! She has the SWEETEST smile!! I LOVED all the colors in her "Mad Hatter" party theme,  and I adored that her sweet daddy donned the Mad Hatter hat for the party! I have never seen a one year old have so much fun opening presents! Usually babies this age are not really concerned with seeing whats in those brightly colored boxes and bags, there is just two much going on around them at the party to stop and see....not this girl..she LOVED opening presents.  Now the smash cake....another story.  Little miss priss could not be bothered with getting messy! LOL! She wanted to be cleaned off pronto! Too funny! Enjoy these pics,  I for sure enjoyed taking them! AND stay tuned...this baby's one year photo shoot is following soon!

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