Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh My Goodness!! Preciousness!!!

OH MY!! I could take big huge bites out of this baby girl! Is she not just yummy! I was so exited to get to see her and her sweet momma! They were in town so we met bright and early before I had to be at work to teach a class.  This field was soooo pretty, the bluebonnets were just popping up but it will filled with all kinds of other pretty wildflowers! What a gorgeous back drop for this gorgeous girl! I know it is filled with bluebonnets now and I cant wait to go back and take some more shots there! It was a bit chilly when we started but the light was AMAZING and it warmed up pretty quickly and so did this sweet girl!  These shots and the gallery just scratch the surface of all the sweet shots I got of this sweet girl! LOVE HER!!!
Click on the pic to proceed to the gallery

Click on the pic to proceed to the gallery

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