Monday, May 13, 2013

Lovely Ladies!

Just a quick peek at what I'm finishing up today! Still having fun playing around with some different editing techniques;) These sweet girls were full of energy! Kudos to their mom for her flexibility!! The plan was to shoot them in a lovely field while my little man was working hard in his OT session,  BUT I dropped him off only to realize that my CAMERA was not in my camera bag!!!  Really??? Who goes to a shoot without their camera?? Well ME apparently,  geez! I usually leave it out with in reach so I can catch the special moments that my kids have,  I just forgot the grab it in the rush to get out the door..ugh! Anyway, this momma was nice enough to run a few errands while my boy finished his therapy session and I retrieved my camera! Turns out we were able to go to an even prettier spot than originally planned and I had more time to give them so I guess all is well that ends well!! Enjoy!

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