Friday, May 24, 2013

Lovely Little Miss "L" {Downtown McKinney Child Photographer}

I met Lovely Little Miss L for a shoot to commemorate her gaining a year in age!! I just love this gorgeous girl!! I absolutely LOVE the looks she throws at the camera,  not always full on smiles,  she makes me work for those...but looks that are a photographers dream! You see, everyone can throw you a smile but to capture a look, either serious, playful, that is so full of personality,  now THAT is what we live for! Yes, I know momma wants a good smile,  I do too...but really some of my most treasured pics of my kids are photos of them with looks on their faces that I see everyday...chewing on their lip while drawing a picture, wonder in their eyes as they gaze at a butterfly or flower,  even that look of mischief that tells me there is no way I'm gonna do what you want me to! This girl pulled out all those looks for me and then some,  and let me tell you she is stunning whatever look, smile, expression she lets me capture! Her skin, her eyes,  OH her EYES!,  and her hair just make up a combination that makes an incredible picture! We had so much fun walking around downtown McKinney and Chestnut square!! Enjoy! 

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