Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Frisco TX Wildflowers!!

OH MY Goodness!! Just look at these two gorgeous kiddos!! They are sooooo yummy I could just take a big ole bite out of them!! Yes,  I'm dieting again so everything becomes delish and there will be lots of references to food, eating and sweets in my blog posts...just so you know ;) Any way,  these lovely little ones met me in a most beautiful wildflower field to take some some sweet pics of this precious growing girl, and of course big brother needed to get in on the action!  However once he got there there were much more fun things to do besides posing for the camera.  Kudos to my number one assistant (my sweet girl) who sat down with him and taught him the 5 little monkeys swinging in the tree song...he got the biggest giggle when the alligator SNAPPED the monkey outta that tree! And of course I was there to capture those grins! Little miss was easier to get a smile out of..I just LOVE my new, OLD enamel bowl...dont you?? I used it for a new born shoot too and loved it then too!! Hope you enjoy these as much I enjoyed taking them!

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