Monday, July 15, 2013

Gorgeous Family at Grapevine Botanical Gardens!

I had SUCH a good time getting to know this family!! What a beautiful family they are! And this location never fails to disappoint when it comes to great scenery, everywhere you look there is something new! Gorgeous foliage,  rustic name it, it has it!! And this family made my job so very easy,  they are simply stunning and so much fun,  the older "kids" were soooo helpful grabbing my stuff and carrying it for me and in the end searching the grounds for things I had left behind.  It is no surprise to those who know me well how engrossed I can get doing something I love, and that usually leads to me setting things down like lens caps, props and equipment to get the great shot and then walking off to capture the next one and forgetting I left something behind! I really should figure out a better system...sigh! But no worries,  this sweet family had me covered!! The little ones were such characters, we had a lot of fun with them putting them up form for some fun poses! I absolutely LOVE the shots I got of the three of them looking at the fish! This place has one of the most beautiful koi ponds I have EVER seen!! Its totally worth a drive just to see those fish!! This was one of the larger family shoots I have done and its always fun to have a new challenge with posing and the extra folks always add a fun dynamic to the shoot!! Enjoy!! And don't forget to click on the pic to proceed to the gallery!

Click on the pic to proceed to the gallery!

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