Friday, July 5, 2013

Sunflowers and Sunshine!!!

My sweet friend, who is also an amazing photog,  let me borrow her kiddos to give my new camera a spin and to do some shooting into the sun practice! We often trade out shooting each others kiddos, because let me tell you shooting your own can be a BEATING!!! I'm not kidding,  those kids know how to push their parents buttons, and no offence to dads, in general its the moms they know best how to annoy! Take for example my two, ANY OTHER TIME, my daughter wants to be a mommy to my son,  bossing him around, telling him what to do EVERY chance she gets,  enter a camera into the mix along with a mom whose two hands are busy working it and suddenly she has no idea how to do either.  She becomes a whining mess and I become mommy dearest. Yall think I'm joking but I'm not! One day I'm gonna post all my out takes, just you wait! SO with all that being said, my friend was sweet enough to go to the trouble of getting her kids all pretty and getting them on location.  Once again I will say, no sunflowers were harmed during the shooting of these pics, and we only sorta ignored the no trespassing signs,  I mean we weren't walking all in the fields or anything, just creatively shooting beside them! ANYWAY the sun was low and made for great sun-flare to play with so play I did,  the little miss littlest did NOT want to pose but relented in the end and I might have even ended up with more good ones of her, go figure! However both of them in the same pic was totally NOT on the littlest's agenda so we had to be content with shots of the two of them separately! Enjoy these gorgeous girls!! I know I did!! And totally take the time to look through the galleries, you will be glad you did! 

Click on the pic to proceed to the Gallery!

Click on the pic to proceed to the gallery!

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