Monday, September 17, 2012

Mommy's and Their Daughters....

There is just something about mommy's and daughters,  a special kind of love and hope for a bright future is born with each precious little girl. Such fun a little girl brings to her momma when there are hair bows and nail polish to play with and tea parties to plan and execute!! There is special kind of gentleness and grace in a baby girl....those breath taking moments when you see your tiny daughter be a momma to her babies and love on them like you have loved on her...unbeatable...truly nothing like it in this world! I love mommy's and daughters!!  And....I love that this precious mommy let me photograph her so soon after delivering her daughter,  she was less than a week old and her momma put aside her lack of sleep and feelings that she might not look her best,  like all new moms feel,  and let me capture these precious moments of getting to know her sweet baby girl!! Absolutely beautiful and touching.

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