Sunday, September 2, 2012

She's Here!! She's Here!!

OH MY what a crazy two days!! I've have waited sooooo long to meet this sweet little girl!! After all, I was the one who brought the pregnancy test to her momma who was sure she could NOT be pregnant! LOL!! I planned for months to be there for the big moment, to capture her arrival into this world,  and the little stinker decided to be born in the middle of the night, smack dab in between two 12 hour shifts I had to work!! UGH!! I did get to get her momma settled into her labor room before I headed home to shower and get ready for the call to come back to the hospital...I even had my things packed so I could sleep the rest of my night somewhere in the hospital...but sadly in all the craziness of her birth...the call was never made:( When her momma texted me a pic of her at 3 am...I literally cried...I missed it!! But mostly tears of joy for my sweet friend and the arrival of her precious daughter! Soooo I just had to make up for it and snap away today while I was blessed to be caring for her momma.  I absolutely LOVE watching families grow!!  Here are just a few moments I captured of this beautiful and blessed family.

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