Friday, September 7, 2012

Family Fun!

SO the week before school started the kiddos and I decided to do a little family visit with the cousins.  We spent part of one day at a train museum downtown and had a great time,  the cooler weather could not have come at a better time,  we sure needed a break from the scorching heat! The first shot is one of my absolute favs!! This little guy is the youngest of our crew and aside from my daughter,  who stated she was "over" having her picture taken,  he was the hardest to catch, but I caught him!!  I love seeing that sweet little man having fun:) And bubbles always qualify as fun! I even convinced my oldest nephew to smile for my camera,  dont you just love his face!! I do!! It screams,  "I always knew my aunt was a total dork,  proof positive folks...bless her heart";) Love him!! And my angel niece posed for me too...she is sooooo pretty!! Just look! And the super added bonus is MY sweet boy FINALLY decided to cooperate, sit still and let me take a picture of him.  Yall dont know what a miracle this truly is!! All and all it was a trip totally enjoyed by my kids and me!  So very glad we went!

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