Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mr "Congeniality"

Sooooo,  My favorite family of 6 stopped by my.....ahem.... "home studio"...*giggle*.....for a play date and a little photo shoot of my most favorite 2 year old!  That is my most favorite besides my own 2 year old,  but then my little two year old monster wont be two but for a couple of more weeks:(.  Oh how time flies....all the more reason to "capture" it!! This little man was a dream....I'm not kidding!! I told him hey "G" come sit over here and smile for the camera and guess what....HE DID!!! Really folks,  what two year old BOY do you know who will do that?? He did everything I asked of him and more!! Wondering if he might give a few pointers to my little monster,  I mean man;)  I got so many great shots of out this little man....I love them ALL!! I could not choose which to share so I just had to put up a gallery!! Be sure to click on anyone of the features pics to proceed to the web gallery to see more...I promise you wont be disappointed!!

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