Monday, September 10, 2012

KC's Baby Shower!!

SO excited to be a part of this sweet baby shower for a sweet friend!! No matter what,  she always has a smile on her face is a joke to crack,  even when she is feeling crummy and worn down as this pregnancy has had her feeling more often than not!! She may not agree.  but just look at her...she is glowing!! Truly a beautiful pregnant woman! And soooo photogenic!! It was a joy to be there and a joy to capture the moment!! And I'm so excited to meet this little girl!! I'm slated to be her birth Photographer, I know this little girl is going to behave and arrive at a time that is convenient for the photographer unlike another one I know!! :) Just Joking, I know better than most that they come when they are ready and when they want!! I just cant wait!!

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