Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cutest little redheaded, brown eyed pumpkin!

Just look at all this yumminess!! This boy is getting so big so fast!! I was so glad I was able to meet up with his parents at the pumpkin patch to "capture" a few sweet moments at the patch! Don't you think he is the cutest pumpkin of the bunch??? I do!! Loved seeing them even if it was only for just a little bit. This family has a special connection to this particular pumpkin patch which made photographing their little miracle pumpkin all the more sweeter! I love these pumpkin pics,  but my favorite ones don't have any pumpkins in them at all!! I love the ones with his dad holding him up against the sky best of all...I couldn't have a prettier sky if I had painted it myself!! They don't call this little guy the "Ginger Avenger" for nothing...Look how good he looks "flying" up there!!

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