Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Special Delivery!!

Keeping my fingers crossed to meet this sweet baby girl actually worked!!! She's Here!!! And oh so beautiful...just like her momma!! Seriously folks,  it is just not right to look that beautiful just after giving birth!! But just look,  she is stunning!! It took some serious kid juggling to make this shoot happen,  after all this little one did not get the memo that Wed night is the only time I don't have childcare as my main man has a commitment every Wed night.  I tried telling her if she was going to come on Wed night then I could accommodate her but not between 8:30pm and 11:30pm, So she waited untill the very last possible min and came at 7:47!! HUGE shout out to my bestest friend in the whole wide world who relieved my babysitter so I could stay and capture all these pics!!! I see many photoshoot and margarita's in her future!  Let me tell you folks there is not NOTHING I love photographing more than a birth!! I don't know if its because I'm comfortable in a birthing room and know what to look for,  or if it's the story the pictures tell....but I LOVE it!! I'm so very blessed and honored to be apart of this experience every day I go to work,  maybe thats why I love "capturing" it so much,  as the photographer I can really just soak it in and experience it.  It also a different kind of photography,  less about the perfect shot and more about just capturing the memory.  Have I mentioned how much I love doing it??? Enjoy the gallery by clicking any of the pics posted,  it's a beautiful story that you wont be sorry you took the time to see!

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