Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rocking the Bump!!!

If any one can "rock a bump" it is this girl!! She is so crazy fun that it has been so hard to watch her feel so bad with this pregnancy.  I met her when she was pregnant with her youngest boy and let me tell you,  totally different pregnancy this time around!! Yet even through all the yuckiness that pregnancy can bring she has always looked beautiful and I was so excited to get to "capture" that glow! We did this session in two parts because getting her and her husband and the kids all home at the same time is a near impossible feat so we started with her and the kids in some lovely outside shots,  scenery courtesy of Adriatica,  and then I went back for more the next week at her house.  Some of these shots I just love!!! They are so her and her kids,  maybe not the perfectly posed shots that so many want hanging on the wall,  I got those too...but the ones I love and decided to share catch the moments that really define her crazy, fun life!! LOVE IT!! I can not wait to meet the new little addition,  I'll be there with my camera firing and I'm so excited!! See you soon,  as in tomorrow....fingers crossed.... sweet little girl!!!!

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