Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mr "B" is a total dream!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Somebody put this baby on a poster or something!! He is precious!! Last week I headed on over to his house to capture a few pics in honor of him hitting the 6 month mark and oh my this baby is scrumptious!! Hmmmm...maybe I better lay off the dieting,  I just realized I'm describing all these beautiful kids as something yummy to eat...possibly too hungry.... maybe??? Just kidding! I really do think I could take a big bite out of this little guy though!! Even though he was short on sleep that day he totally turned on the charm and hammed it up for the camera in his lovely baby blue, brown and white nursery that was for sure the perfect compliment to setting off his baby skin and baby blues...I swear yall....those are all his!!! And my most favorite shot is one of him getting a quick snuggle with his mommy....oh how I wish I had a picture like that of me and my babies!! Love this boy and this family!! So glad I'm getting to capture these special moments!!

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