Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Photo Fun!

I Love family photos!!! I love MY family to get together to take a photo...however as a mom who always strives for perfection,  even tho I know its unattainable,  it is always a seriously stressful event.  More than likely this is a big reason that we have very few family photos and most of the ones we do have are courtesy of a good tripod and a camera timer.  I mean really, family photo times are really not my finest hour as a mom,  yelling,  I mean "encouraging" my children to behave,  sit up straight and good gracious just look at the camera,  pretend you like each other and SMILE!!! SO inviting an additional party to witness said finest hour is not exactly what I want to gear up and do for lovely fall afternoon.  Well last year we bit the bullet and did it,  I will spare you the sad story of actually getting to the shoot,  lets just say I had more than one "two year old" to deal with that day and It would be a lie to say tears were not shed,  I think by everyone in the whole family! BIG shout out to Mandy Lilly of Mandy Lilly Photography who put up with our mess of a family and produced some amazing images, and believe me,  I have no idea how!! ANYway...I'm sooooo glad we did that,  I love my pictures know I will treasure them for a lifetime.  SO when my friend from down the street called and said she wanted some family pics of her and the kids to surprise her husband with I jumped at the chance to be able to give her some treasures of her own!  As I do more family photos I cant help but giggle at the antics that kiddo do in front of the camera,  they make for some crazy fun pics and some exasperated parents. Now I'm not saying this sweet momma was exasperated,  she wasn't,  but I thought the kids were soooo funny and loved capturing their fun moments as well as the serious ones.  I think I got at least one FANTASTIC family shot,  they are all so photogenic!!!, that I couldn't go wrong,  and so many cute fun ones!! I'm sharing a couple of "outtakes" too because personally I think they are too precious not too!!   Can't wait to add dad into the mix at our next shoot!

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