Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sweet Birthday Boy!

click on the pic to proceed to the gallery

click on the pic to proceed to the gallery
Oh this sweet boy is so very yummy!! Much more yummy than the smash cake we had fun playing in for some sweet pics! I loved this shoot!! not only did I get to shoot a sweet little one year old,  complete with ballons and a smash cake,  but big sis was a birthday girl too so I got to shoot her too! I love my ballon background I used a the collage pics,  good ole pinterest came through again with a great background idea that photographed like a dream.  Speaking of dreams,  this little man is such a dream with his big brown eyes and grin!! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE some big brown eyes!! I beleive I have!! Kudos to mom and dad for being patient with me as I tried out some new ideas! So click on the collage to proceed to the gallery and enjoy!

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