Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Plano TX Family Photographer

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I just love this family! They have been soooo patient with me! I shot momma and the kiddos quite a while ago for a birthday surprise for daddy and the original plan was for me to go right back soon after his birthday and add dad into some pics! Easy enough, right?  Well apparently not, as it took me WAY too long to get back over there,  shameful considering they live just right down the street!! You would think we could get our schedules to jive long before this but not so much! AND to top it all off, I was late to the shoot!! UGH! I know, I know...all of you who know me well are thinking that is not anything new for me but I do TRY to be on time;) I woke up exactly 18 min before I needed to be at their house! Panic!! My sweet boy had kept me up most of the night with some seriously bad asthma and I did not think to set an alarm because he his such a get up and go early kind of little guy.  I guess he was worn out so of all days he slept in. In fact, I was so tired from my late night (or really all night) activities that when I was all done with the shoot I packed up and headed out without my CAMERA EQUIPMENT! Really?!?! AND, Sweet momma had to message me to tell me I had left it as I had not even missed it yet! Oh my! Anyway,  despite my lack of sleep I really enjoyed this shoot, I love going to folks houses and trying to capture great shots of their families in the spots they are most comfy! Plus, this brother and sister and so sweet to watch,  they are so funny together! I love and am fascinated by the dynamic between brothers and sisters, maybe because I never had a brother or maybe because my own little family consists of a brother and a sister...who knows,  but regardless I LOVE it! Mom and Dad did pretty well too posing for some great pics of just the two of them! Check it out,  I think you will agree,  so sooo sweet!

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