Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best Boy Ever! Frisco TX Newborn Photographer

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OH my goodness!! This sweet boy was the BEST ever!! I'm not kidding,  I usually arrive to a newborn shoot prepared to stay for the long haul, maybe a feeding or two,  required diaper changes, just some needed snuggle time with mom and dad...all those necessary things that make newborn sessions a marathon of a shoot.  It's just the way it goes.  However,  this little guy did not get that memo!  He was absolutely perfect from beginning to end,  totally OK with whatever I asked of him. He even gave me the perfect smile!!! Yippee!! That is photographers gold right there!  It was crazy how well the whole  shoot went and ever more astounding ...how quickly we were able to get it done! No lie folks,  quickest newborn session EVER! This little man must be a total dream for his precious parents! He certainly could not  have been more of a dream for me!! Tho how could I have expected anything less from this sweet little guy after he made his birth shoot so extremely convenient for me as well!! Take a look at this beautiful boy...ooohhh I could just take a bite out of him he is so so sweet!!

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