Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Birth"day blessing! Frisco Birth Photography

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Welcome! Welcome to this beautiful boy!! I was sooo blessed to be a witness to such a blessed birth!! This little man has been long awaited and anticipated!  He made his momma work a little at keeping him in and growing him healthy but she did a fantastic job staying on bed rest and kept him in much longer than  most of us expected!! YAY! When he did decide to come he was oh so considerate to his birth photographer and choose a day I was already super close by (as in actually inside the building) AND waited until the class I was teaching was OVER to actually appear!! Pretty much could not have been better!! Thanks little already ROCK in my book!! I may have mentioned that birth photography is pretty much my MOST favorite thing to photograph EVER!! And this sweet birth was sooo very special.  Truly I am always humbled and honored when I'm asked to attend a birth and capture those miraculous moments as a couple becomes a family or as a family grows.  It never gets old!! I'm always blessed by the moment!! This precious new family was so sweet to work with,  both mom and dad have a precious, sweet spirit.  Sweet daddy was so very patient waiting to hold his new little guy and joy just shines from his face when he finally gets some cuddle time!! Enjoy this precious story...there are two galleries attached to this post,  a different one will appear for each collage you click on so make sure you view them both!! You wont be sorry you took the time to see this beautiful story!

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