Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beautiful Baby Girl! Frisco TX Birth Photography

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What a sweet family this was!! I met them for the first time literally as I walked into the the OR to shoot their precious girls "birth"day. C-section births are special to me as I have had two of my own. As a Labor and Delivery Nurse I"m always trying to be super sensitive and protective of my moms who require a c/section because as a mom who has been through one I know its not always the birth experience that they expected and often times there are several things that are forfeited.  All the birthing classes and books describe immediate skin to skin, the importance of the presence of family members and such...which is fantastic but with a c/section delivery not always possible. So I'm always trying extra hard to make it as great of an experience as possible.  While my job in this delivery wasn't  being the nurse,  even as the photographer I want to try and go the extra mile to make up for whatever the momma and daddy might think they are missing out on.  Tho as a personal note...I've seen quite a few deliveries and there have been several vaginal deliveries that have made me feel pretty sure that I did not get the short end of the stick with my c-sections!!! I don't have a single picture from my daughters read that right...not a single one!!! Because my sweet flustered husband FORGOT the camera!! *gasp* Now I'm going to have to defend him a little here before y'all get at mad at was a stat c-section and he had just walked down the hall to grab some lunch when everything went down the tubes and he had to run back to make it in time for the delivery...but still....NOT A SINGLE PICTURE! Also, in his defense,  it was his experience too...he was excited, anxious, nervous about becoming a dad for the first time and to ask him to remember to take pictures is kinda asking a lot. I cant say enough about how you should take the camera out of the dads hands and designate someone else to take the pictures!!!  So with all that I have rambled on about, I always try to do my best to take the shots I know I would have wanted from my deliveries.  Take a look and see...this is truly a beautiful family!

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