Friday, November 16, 2012

Simply Glowing!!!

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Just look at this beautiful momma! She truly IS glowing!! At one point in the shoot I stopped and asked her if she had ever done any modeling because she knew just how to work the camera,   and she got into every position I asked of her even if it was a bit awkward in her expanding state:) I just loved this shoot!  It was so fun, so effortless on my part, and sweet big brother was soooo good!! you You could just tell he was so excited to be a big brother soon!! In fact he told me all about how excited he was a couple of days later in a Sibling class I was teaching at work! If little brother has even half the cuteness and charm of this little man he will be blessed indeed!! I can't wait to meet the new little guy who will soon be joining this family!  I sent him a memo with all the times of my work schedule and currently scheduled shoots so he would know just when it was most convenient for him to come!! I don't want to miss it!! We shall see if he read it!! Stay tuned....I cant wait to post pics of his arrival!!

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