Thursday, November 22, 2012

Brand New BOY!!!

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Oh how I love deliveries!! Such a wonderful miraculous event! Every time I get to witness one I am reminded that I am truly doing what I was meant to do!! And Its always an added bonus when I get to "capture" it for the family as well! Ive been known to grab a patients camera a time or two and snap away for them, but when I actually plan to take pictures at a delivery I can not contain my excitement!! For real, I LOVE "capturing" growing families! This sweet family was soooo fun!! I think one of my favorite moments was when big brother came in to see the new addition and he looked up at me and said "Hey it's Miss Emily, you taught me how to be a big brother!" He had gone through one of the sibling classes I taught! I LOVE it!! Take some time to look at the gallery to see this precious story, you wont be sorry!

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