Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Favorite Family EVER!! Well, besides my own;)

SO....just in case you guys didn't get it from the title of the post,  I LOVE this family!! For real!! I've known this momma since the two of us were in the 4th grade,  we even sang a duet together then!! A stanza of "We Are The World" no less!! I wonder if she remembers which part of it we sang??? I'm pretty sure I tried to push her out of the way of the mic but she totally held her own and out sang me by miles! True story folks! We have been through choir trips,  college craziness,  our weddings,  pregnancies...pretty much everything together! She even let my husband move into her house for a few days a week for 9 MONTHS while he was commuting back and forth from Waco to Addison before we moved the whole family up here while I was finishing nursing school. This girl picks me up when I fall apart,  which seems to be a lot in the last few years...Oh my! To say she is the very best is a total understatement! SO I love capturing memories of her family for her!! Look at this beautiful family!! I am so very blessed to have them in my life and to be able to call this momma my bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!

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