Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Precious Little family!!

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Oh this family is oh so sweet!! LOVE them!! And I loved "capturing" some sweet pictures of them! We met way the heck out in the middle of nowhere and what a great location it was!! That is if you disregard the the train that came screaming through with out ANY notice!! I'm not kidding...NO WARNING! Geez...and this momma was so excited to hop up on those tracks for a pic a little later!! I'm not going to lie and say that I didn't have a few moments of anxiousness up on those tracks;) Sweet little miss was no fan of the train either!! But she bounced right back and gave us some really winning smiles!! I LOVE her!!! And then there was the run down trailer parked right next to the tracks that seemed to be abandoned but then later we noticed that it's door was open and someone had built a big fire in a big pit in front of it! OH Lordy! I was certain it was the local serial killer getting ready to barbecue us!! BUT seriously folks,  it was a GREAT location that this momma found for us! I may have to venture up there again....but prolly only with someone who has a concealed handgun license or something!! LOL! Just look at these sweet pics!! Oh and for you Apple users,  I'm trying to find a new gallery style that y'all can see on ipads and iphones...this one should work but I'm gonna warn you...I don't like it at all!!! So back to the drawing board to find another option!  Enjoy!

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