Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OH!! How I love sweet BOYS!!

Those who know me well,  will get a little chuckle out of the title of my post.  After all I'm the girl who all through my second pregnancy (again we chose not to find out the baby's gender) was POSITIVE that I was carrying a girl because I could not possibly have a boy,  as I did not know what to do with one  Boys are stinky and dirty and rowdy,  I just could NOT have a boy....I was not made to be the mom of a boy.  Literally 3 weeks before the birth of my second child I was standing at the nurses station,  in a daze because a patient had just proudly shown me a sono picture of her child's "boy parts" and thinking to myself...."OH Dear Lord!! I think I saw that same picture when they scanned me the last time?!?!"  Enter one of my OB's who happens to be a friend as well and that triggered a MAJOR meltdown,  panic attack,  whatever you want to call it!!! I begged,  no demanded, that she scan me to confirm that my worst fears were not true and really I had imagined what I might have seen.  Because IF it WAS as boy I would really need some time to come to terms with that and figure out what to do with "it"!  Sweet friend that she was just giggled and told me I had come so far and that you did the same things with a boy that you do with a girl and that I would be OK.  Essentially she refused to scan me.  RUDE!! LOL,  just kidding!!  But she did reassure me and talk me "off the ledge", so to speak! Fast forward a few weeks and out comes this amazingly beautiful, heartbreakingly sweet,  yummy little BOY!! I'm so glad the Lord knew what I needed better than I did because OH!! How I love sweet little boys now!! I LOVE being a mom to a boy!! And I'm sure this momma feels the same way!! Just look at these sweet beautiful boys!! They really kept me on my toes and made me work....but I LOVE that!! It's so fun!! THEY were so fun!  I always hate to see parents worry about their boys being too busy or rowdy or not still enough during a session.  As moms,  we always want everything to be just perfect,  but this I what I love most about being a photographer...being able to "capture" the sweet fleeting moments.  Those moments are gone in an instant,  especially with boys!! I'm so grateful this family invited me to capture a few of their sweet moments for them!!

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