Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bourbon Bash!!

What do you do for a guy that turning 40?? Throw him a big time bash complete with custom decorations, great food and a bourbon bar!! Aged to perfection just like him.  All the details that went into this party were just astounding!  Fredricka of ZaZo Designs  really out did herself in the planning and preparation of this party.  I'm totally a detail person and LOVE to "capture" the details of a party so I can assure you I was in heaven at this event.  Folks, if you ever need a party planner Fredricka is the one to call!! She is just the person to make sure you party is perfect right down to the last detail!! And no,  I did not get paid to say that!! And all those details made for a great party!! Just look doesn't it look like they had fun!

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